Pipeline strainer, witch hat strainer, Mack Iron Works
Bathtub strainer Mack Iron Works
Simplex basket strainer, basket strainer, Keckley, Mueller Steam Specialty
Spectacle blinds, orifice plates, bleed rings, Mack Iron Works

Eaton Filtration, Hose Master, Mac-Iron Works, Mueller Steam Specialty and O. C. Keckley:

  • Specialty metal strainers, including basket, wye and witch hat styles
  • Spectacle Blinds, Single Blinds/Spacer Rings, Orifice Plates and Bleed Rings
  • Check Valves and Knife gate valves
  • Stainless Steel Flexible Braided Metal Hose Assemblies and Expansion Joints in a variety of connection types
Metal hose assemblies, Hose Master
Duplex basket strainer, Keckley, Mueller Steam Specialty
Wye strainer, y-strainer, Keckley, Mueller Steam Specialty
Expansion joints, Hose Master